Our Training Coordinator Batuhan Alparslan

Our Training Coordinator Batuhan Alparslan

Our Training Coordinator Batuhan Alparslan

The technological developments that took place in this century, which we call the information age, have started to change the field of education and even our learning process, as well as affect our entire life. Thanks to technology, a personalized educational experience comes across at every moment of our lives. In this context, online education takes the first place. 

Online education is an education system that does not contain borders in itself. It provides information transfer to people from all age groups who are independent of time and place. It is an advantage of online education that everyone with the Internet can benefit from this training by using some technological devices. Unlike formal education, you won't have the problem of "I couldn't see the board, I didn't get the grade". Another of the advantages of online education is that the information, that is, the educational contents are constantly accessible. Did you miss the lesson? You can find the chance to watch by rewinding the recordings again. In this way, you will benefit from education until the subject is fully understood. Also, if you are afraid to speak in the classroom environment, you will get rid of the tension of asking your teacher questions in front of the crowd. 

However, there are some points that you should be aware of before starting online education. One of them is to choose the right private lesson portal. Reliable and technological infrastructure to keep the interaction between the instructor and the student at the highest level (camera, messaging, interactive whiteboard, course recording opportunity), more importantly, you should choose reliable organizations where instructor quality is an important factor. 

In this context, we aim to provide a quality service to our students with TUTORSITE, which provides online education successfully and has a qualified and expert instructor staff. I am always with you, my dear parents and dear students, with my role as an education coordinator.

Batuhan Alparslan
TUTORSITE Education Coordinator

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